New Miel “offers interest-free installments in the finished buildings

Before the fox in 2010 the company “Miel New” carries out the action, “Interest-free installment plan” at Moscow apartment complexes “forbidden area” (v. M. Sviblovo) and “Falcon Hill” (v. M. Semenovskaya) All consumers in the apartment houses on the street. Reserve, Block 2 and so on Budyonny, building a “New Miel” provides a special consignment buying. Interest-free installments of up to 25 jelly 2010, to 50% introductory contribution. Installments for six months at 18% per annum during the introductory installment of 30%. 5% discount on the purchase price at 100% of the board. Apartment complexes are business-class “Preservation Area” and “Falcon Hill” has put the State Commission. The house on the street. Reserve, Block 2 in the sale are offered two-bedroom apartments with an area of 867-881, app. M. The cost of a square of size – from 11 495, thousand Rubles. In the house on Avenue Budyonny, building a four-room apartments can be purchased with an area of 1347-1348, Apt. M, value – from 109 rubles per square meter. M. Residential Complex “The preservation area” is located in North-Eastern District at the address. Reserve, ow. 14-16, the housing 2 and 4. In the proposed sale of one-, two-, three-and four apartments from 44 to 133 square meters. M. The project is timely concludes four 25-storey building with an impressive area of glazing, free balconies, bay windows and semicircular balconies. New technology devices on the basis of the category KOPE-M-SAIL allow greatly reduced period of construction of slides according to the equation with the unbreakable houses. Each house is equipped with three high-speed elevators. The project provides for landscaping and landscaping covering the ground, the device 2 indoor parking for 1, 100 cars, omest. District is located in a quiet location close to the red Balts Berezovka Yauza, a twenty minute walk from the metro stations “Sviblovo” and “Babushkinskaya.” In walking distance there is a large supermarket, climbing complex “Medvedkovo” with a youth athletic school. Customers are offered an apartment, in degrees, with a view of the Church of the Holy Virgin – the supreme interest of the region. Residential complex “Falcon Hill” is located in the HLW at Ave Budyonny, ow. 26. Corp. A. In the proposed sale of two-, three-and four-room apartments ranging from 80 to 130 sq.m. LCD business class is based on the non-trivial schemes, concludes two monolithic brick shell, distributed in the depths of a housing estate. In the lower court be organized athletic and young gaming scenes, as well as guest parking and an indoor parking for 205 cars. In walking distance are nasosnai underground “Highway of Enthusiasts”, “Semenovskaya” and “Electrozavodskaya.” In the immediate vicinity of major highways run through Guatemala – road enthusiasts and the Third Ring Road, to get to what you can along the avenue Budyonny, the District travel, Varvarka Scherbakovskaya Most Semenovskaya and Weaving. Near the apartment complex are schools and kindergartens, shopping centers, showrooms Aphrodite clinic. Nearby is the Moscow Dolphinarium, the Olympic water sports center.

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